My Birthday Party


On Monday I celebrated my 42nd birthday. I share a birthday with the former Yugoslavian leader, Josip Tito Broz. The theme of the night was “2 Great Men – One Birth Date”. People still recognize Tito’s birthday here, even though he died almost 30 years ago. Older people have nostalgia because then, Yugoslavia played a bigger part in world affairs. Their position between the Soviets and West in the Cold War years, gave them a special status. They also had a better economy than the neighboring Eastern European nations. Since his death, it has all been down hill, although, things seem to be turning around.

The Boys
The Boys

We invited friends for dinner at Biblos restaurant, a Lebanese place we discovered awhile back. We then had a “Bito” bowling tourney. Sean and Lekisha won the tourney and Tim and Janna won the “Sportsmanship” award. All in all, it was a good night, especially for a Monday. Lots of laughs and exciting sports action.

I want to thank Nadia for her efforts in organizing everything. She went all out this year, considering last year she forgot my birthday. It was really nice in the morning, when all three of my kids came up and gave me a big hug and said happy birthday. Nadia got me cologne and a wallet and my friends brought me a lot of alcohol (wine and rakija).


The Girls
The Girls



I think we’ll continue with the Tito – Bito theme next year. I hope to perhaps splurge and rent his blue train. I’ll see how much it costs.

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