Growing Up Fast (Too Fast)

Ocean, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

The kids are growing and changing so quickly that I like to put photos of them on the blog for grandparents and friends and family to see back in the USA and Bolivia. Ocean is shown above climbing up a small hill in Košutnjak Park. I had the kids while Nadia was running in her Girls On The Move 5km run. GOTM is an after school club that Nadia and Janna run that helps girls with self esteem, etc.


Owen is shown above needing a hair cut. He has lost many of his baby teeth and the new ones are coming in all over the place. He is starting to form his own opinions and voice them with us. He is really looking forward to going to Michigan to see Grandpa and ride his bike on Caspian’s Apple Blossom Trail. I don’t have a good recent photo of Oliver, he is moving around too much. I wlll do a blog post on his early years exhibition next week.

Nadia loves the pigtails!
Nadia loves the pigtails!

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