Family Journal: Hike to Bennan Lake

I didn’t have the camera with me yesterday (yes, surprise, surprise) but I wish I did as we had a fantastic adventure hiking to Bennan Lake. Jim and I took the four boys (Owen, Ollie, Tony, Beau) as well as Ocean on the Ge – Che Cross Country Ski Trail in the Ottawa National Forest. It is located close to our home in Caspian and is 6 miles long and goes by three lakes, Hagerman, Ottawa, and Bennan. Ge Che means “big lake” in the Ojibwa language.

We started from the car park near the Orville Lunn overlook and we walked the approximately 3 miles to the lake. Along the way we caught a toad, identified slugs, and picked up many ticks. The first half of summer is full of ticks. We had to pick them off several times off of all of us. When we arrived at the lake, several of us went for  a swim. It is a beautiful, little lake with only one dock on that we could see. A pair of loons were swimming near by. When we got back, Nadia had prepared some pumpkin risotto and an angel food cake berry delight. What a great end to a great day!

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