Family Weekend Journal: Bass Run / Norway Speedway

Norway Speedway Week #9
Norway Speedway Week #9

We had a fantastic weekend doing the traditional summer activities. Friday evening we attended the races at the Norway Speedway located at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds in Norway, Michigan. The kids faces lit up as the cars made their first turn around the corner and the blast of sound came into the grandstands. They really enjoyed the spectacle of the cars. One of their favorite movies is Speed Racer and they often pretend to be driving cars.

I wouldn’t go every week but it is something nice to do once a summer. I was surprised at the amount of people there, probably a couple thousand spectators. I know NASCAR is big in this area and it is nice to have an affordable alternative close by. It is good to see the amateurs in action and the kids enjoy it just the same. I know the Formula One is quite expensive. Tickets were $9 for adult and the kids were free.

Ocean Loves the Water / Sand Combination

Ocean Loves the Water / Sand Combination 
The kids spend a lot of time playing happily (and calmly) in the sandbox Grandpa built for them. He went all out in preparation this summer to make sure his grandchildren had plenty to do. He assembled bikes, balls, fishing poles, etc. and even constructed a wonder sandbox that they have literally spent hours in. It is worth the cleanup afterwards for some precious moments of peace and easy supervision.
Sunday we ran in the “Run Your Bass Off” race. This is the 29th annual run and I have been running in it since high school when I am home in the summers. It is part of the Bass Festival in Crystal Falls, Michigan, held at the Runkle Lake Park. A bass is a type of fish and the weekend not only includes a fishing derby, but softball games, canoe races, etc. It was a perfect day for running with temps in the low 70’s and a cool breeze. I ran 48 minutes and was quite tired. The course is full of “rolling hills” and some of them in the end just killed me. I finished fourth in my age group. Not bad for me since I have not been getting in the miles of training.  Nadia is still resting her knee and she did the 2 mile fun run with the kids. Ollie and Owen sprinted to the finish and I think next year we’ll try to have them run the 2 mile. I think with some training they could possibly to the “half bass” 5 km run. It was a great day seeing old friends and exercising in scenic Crystal Falls. It is a cute little town.
Owen and Ollie are finally hooked on baseball. We are big Detroit Tiger fans and my Dad watches all of the games. Owen found the glove grandma bought for him a couple years ago and all he wants to do it play catch. It was a “Field of Dreams” moment! He is getting quite good. As I was telling my brothers and father, getting a left-handed son (Owen) is a gift from God and we need to develop his talent as a possible Major League pitcher. If he can throw 85 miles per hour, he might get at least a shot. He is my retirement plan. It is funny that he bats from the right side, and Oliver, the right-hander, bats from the left side. Oliver is quite a good hitter!
July 12, 2009 - The Historic First Game of Catch (A. Kralovec Photo)
July 12, 2009 - The Historic First Game of Catch (A. Kralovec Photo)

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