Family Journal: Ollie Rides The Apple Blossom Trail


Oliver completed the Apple Blossom Trail for the first time and has now done it twice. Grandpa obtained some extra bikes for the boys and Ollie likes the purple one. He is still riding with training wheels, but he has a lot of potential. He also made strides in the pool and can put his head underwater completely. The little guy is on target to learn to swim and ride a bike.

The trail has been great for the boys and I would like to thank the cities of Iron River and Caspian for making it happen! The trail provides a safe place to bike with lots of nature. We saw a kingfisher, several deer including a big buck, cedar waxwings, rabbits, blue birds, a leopard frog, a dead skunk, and much more along the trail. I hope all of the towns of the UP put in more trails. This could be a biking paradise as the population leaves Michigan and the small towns of the UP.

Owen Holds an American Bullfrog (Rana C
Owen Holds an American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)
We also went swimming at the George Young Recreational Complex. The resort was built by George Young, a native of Stambaugh, Michigan (now Iron River), who left for Chicago to seek his fortune. He ended up have a vast fortune from owning brick factories, using UP iron ore. He was a big golfer and as a hobby, he designed holes of courses he played right here in Iron County. When he died, his family bequeathed the land to the county and today it is a non-profit organization that runs the resort that everyone can enjoy. There is an 18-hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, and miles of cross-country ski / mountain biking trails. The kids and Nadia enjoyed the pool.

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