“Beating the Heat” Weekend Family Journal


Ocean, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Ocean is shown above at the beach across from Ada Ciganlija. Ada has been called the “Belgrade Sea” and there were thousands of people Sunday swimming. It was a sunny, warm weekend and we enjoyed some traditional summer activities. Nadia and I are very happy to enjoy the four seasons once again after so many years in the tropics.


Ocean Loves to Show Off Her New Outfits
Ocean Loves to Show Off Her New Outfits



Ocean loves the water, probably the most of the three kids. Belgraders love the outdoors and are not very self-concious of their bodies, as there were all sorts of humanity on display. Nadia and I love to see women walking away from the beach to the bus stop in their bikini – it harkens back to 1973 in the USA. Women just don’t do that anymore in the USA.

We also went shopping on Saturday to the commissary at the Embassy, Mercatur, etc. I took a long nap on Saturday also. Owen and I went for a bike ride along the Sava. Sad to see so much garbage.


Wildman Oliver at Adas Beach
Wildman Oliver at Ada's Beach



The Kralovec family is also following with great interest, the World Championship Track and Field meet in Berlin this week. Usain Bolt was amazing last night with 9.58 in the 100 m. He looked like he was going for a jog in the park. I also can’t believe how loose he is in the starting blocks. He was joking around with his teammate, hamming it up for the camera. Then on the world’s most important race for the year, just like the final in Beijing, he sets the world record. He can even go faster! I can’t wait to see him in the 200 meters. Serbia has 5 athletes that qualified, their best chance for a medal is in today’s triple jump. 


Bolt Checks His Time As Tyrone Gay (USA) Comes in Second At 9.71
Bolt Checks His Time As Tyrone Gay (USA) Comes in Second At 9.71

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