Family Journal: September 3, 2009

Getting the kids ready for school in the mornings is always hectic. We are a 2-minute drive from school but it is easier for us to drive instead of walking because of the back packs and stuff we have to carry. I snapped this photo earlier this week of the boys while we were waiting for Nadia to get ready. As you can see, our garage is on the street level, while our yard and the rest of the house is one floor up. The Virginia Creeper vines can be seen hanging down. It covers up the garage doors a bit, kind of like the bat cave entrance in the Batman TV series from the 60’s I used to watch as a child. Also in our ground floor we have a second garage that we use for storage and then we have another room that we use for guests.

Nadia and Lekisha At the Concert
Nadia and Lekisha At the Concert

Wednesday night we got free tickets to the Leonard Cohen concert at the Belgrade Arena. We had one of the suites around the arena and it is a great way to watch a concert. Leonard Cohen is a legendary musician, songwriter, and author, and he career spans 5 decades. It was the first time that I ever heard him sing, live or recorded. He influenced a great number of musicians. His music was very mellow and okay to listen to. Nadia and I also went to dinner before the concert at The Corner restaurant downtown. Quite nice.

An Artistic Shot
An Artistic Shot

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