Boško lends a hand



Bill & Boško, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Last Friday evening we were driving downtown near Ulica Njegosova to pick up Oliver’s vaccines from a pharmacy. He got his 4 year old booster shot and the local clinic the expats used, asked us to order and buy the vaccine ourselves. Anyway, we were cruising down the street near a construction zone and we heard a thud on the back tire. Immediately we then heard a loud escape of air and the bumping of a flat tire. Apparently I hit a something that tore an inch long rip in a tire. We were on a narrow street and couldn’t find a spot to pull over. We eventually found a gate open on a driveway. The security guard of the area, a perfect stranger, Bosko, pictured above came over and helped me change the tire, doing most of the work . Since it was such a narrow driveway and street to get out of, he even drove the car out so we could be on our way. Then when we asked where we could get a tire repaired, another perfect stranger walking down the street overhead us and offered to take us to a tire shop a few blocks away. Very kind indeed.


The Chavez Girls Cheerlead the Tire Change Crew
The Chavez Girls Cheerlead the Tire Change Crew

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