Eros Ramazzotti In Concert


Thursday evening Nadia and I attended the Eros Ramazzotti concert at the Belgrade Arena. Nadia is shown above in the suite that we usually get tickets. We have a friend who gets tickets to all of the concerts at the arena. They are free and it is really nice to see so many artists.

Eros Ramazzotti is very famous in the non-English speaking world. He is Italian and is popular in non-English speaking Europe and Latin America. He records songs only in Italian and Spanish. He is most similar to Phil Collins, with a bit more romantic ballads that Collins. He has a very distinctive, nasal toned voice. We enjoyed the concert, especially Nadia because his older songs bring back memories of her growing up in Bolivia. Eros is 46 years old and still going strong, but definitely in the twilight of his career. The music is very pop with the romantic ballads, and medium rock anthems. He put on a good show playing for about 2 hours. The stage lighting and showmanship was very professional.

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