Christmas Show ISB 2009



Owen Dancing Michael Jackson, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Last Thursday evening Owen and Oliver performed in the annual Winter Show put on by the International School of Belgrade. Above, Owen is performing with his buddies in his first grade class. The music teacher introduced the boys to the music of Michael Jackson and they danced to “Black or White.” It has been a MJ festival in the Kralovec house as that is all that they want to listen to. Both the boys are good dancers. I encouraged Owen to continue with his “boy band.”

Oliver really has rhythm especially for a four year old. He wasn’t able to demonstrate that during the show, but at Owen’s party yesterday, he was the star. More on that later.

Ollie Performs

One thought on “Christmas Show ISB 2009

  • Yeah – I´m waiting to read more about your moves too…;-) Heard a lot about Owen´s cool dad yestarday, so you´ll have to keep up the good blogging! Have a great evening! Maria (Emma and Oskar´s mom)

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