Green & Brown Christmas


Mud Bowl , originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

As you can see, all of the snow melted in Belgrade the past couple of days. Just in time for the Western Christian Christmas. We had a really nice family Christmas Eve day. In the morning, Nadia and I went for a long walk through Dedinje with temperatures in the mid-60’s, it was a beautiful sunny day. The temperature rose from 20’s to 60’s in only a couple of days. Oliver and I played against Owen in soccer and as you can see above, he got a bit dirty.

It is nice to be on holiday to do the simple things with my children and wife. I took a hot bath with Ocean and blow dried and combed her hair. Owen and I went to the Automobile Museum. Oliver and I ran through Karađorđje Park.

Last night after visiting the museum, we went out to eat at Byblos, a Lebanese restaurant near St. Sava’s Cathedral.

Lebanese Christmas Eve Dinner


Santa Claus visited us this morning. Ollie had the quote of the morning when he came down the stairs into the living room. “Was I good?”

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