Romanian Holiday Part I



Ocean is pictured above chasing pigeons in Opera Plaza in Timisoara, Romania. Timisoara is the most western city in Romania. We stopped there for lunch and a walk around Christmas Market in the plaza. On Day One of our holiday we made it to Sibiu, Romania. We are spending a few days in Transylvania, visiting our friends from Brasov. Transylvania is one of the historic regions of Romania. Brasov is in central Romania, about a 3 hour drive north west of Bucharest, in the southern Carpathian mountains. 

Sibiu and Brasov were two of the seven citadels of Saxon immigrants in Romania. The emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire had them settle in what is today central Romania, but at that time, part of the Austrian empire. It was the border between the Ottoman Turk world and Austro-Hungarian world. The Saxon immigrants built cities and basically kept the locals (Romanians) out of it. They lived separate lives. (more later)

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