Family Weekend Journal: January 24, 2010

It was a busy weekend with four basketball teams visiting our school. I coached both Friday night and Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, I had a morning skype interview but managed some family time. I took Ocean out for a short run in the jogging stroller. It was cold yesterday and looks to be cold all week with temperatures around -7C. We did some shopping in the afternoon and wrapped up the day by visiting some friends.

Above is my favorite building in Belgrade, the famous “gate” to the city, the Genex Tower. It has an optical illusion beer advertisement on one of its sides. Jelen Pivo (Elk Beer) is probably the most popular beer in Serbia, although I prefer Lav, the other popular domestic brew. I wonder how much it costs to put a billboard on the side of an entire building? How about the people with offices or apartments on that side? Who makes signs that big? So many questions… I see large advertisements on several buildings around the city.

Below, Ocean and Nadia are coming out of Kika, a new home furnishing store in Belgrade, similar to Ikea. Kika is originally from Austria and it is expanding throughout eastern and central Europe.

Nadia and Ocean Exit Kika

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