A Few Moments of Fun


Yesterday Owen had a high fever and stayed home from school. He called crying around 11:00 AM and I went home to check on him. After I comforted him and got him to sleep, I spent some time with Ocean in the yard. We had about 6 inches of snow yesterday and I took her out and we made some snow angels and played. It was the highlight of my day.

2 thoughts on “A Few Moments of Fun

  • Hey Bill!

    Wow, Serbia! That’s cool.

    Your family looks beautiful. You must be very happy.

    How long have you been there? What happened in Venezuela?

    We are still in Walkerton, Ontario. Tatiana is 8 and Sofia is 6. I am working as a VP at Hillcrest Elementary in Owen Sound. Ivonne does some Ed Assistant work in different schools.

    Hope all is well my friend.

    Take care,


    • Eron,

      Great to hear from you! Congratulations on the Principalship. I have been in Serbia for 1 and 1/2 years. With the Chavez government, we felt the quality of life was deteriorating so much, that it was time to leave. It was a good decision. Belgrade is a great place for our family and ISB is a super place to work. Please keep in touch! PS- Doing much motorcycling? How have things in Barranquilla changed?


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