Winter Running

Ocean, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Ocean is shown above in the jogging stroller. I took the photo on Sunday during a light snow.

I’ve done more running this winter than last winter. It is actually not too bad to run, even in the coldest Belgrade weather. Ocean doesn’t like it as much as she does in the summer of course. I also don’t have the time because of school to run much during the week. Another detriment to my running is that it gets dark early. Belgrade is 44 degrees north, which is close to the latitude of my hometown in Michigan. World maps are a bit deceiving and I didn’t realize that Europe is more north than the USA. Michigan has colder temps and more snow that most of Europe due to the large continental land mass of North America. But, Michigan would be southern Europe if judged by latitude.

I feel refreshed from running in cold weather. I put on my ear muffs, a running sweatshirt, sweat pants, and off I go. On the coldest days I may wear gloves. The sidewalks and paths in the city are usually clear. It is a bit tough along the river because of the colder winds.

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