Holidays Ending

Go!, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Today we say goodbye to Austria and our Ski Week holiday. It was a lot of fun and we’ll remember the good times we had for long to come. On our final full day in Bad Hofgastein, we returned all of the equipment and prepared the car for the way home. We concentrated on cross-country skiing and Oliver and Owen are shown above starting their third race. Yes, the Kralovec boys are competitive like most brothers. Oliver cried when he lost the second time in a best of 3 competition. They both took to it quite well and it is something we hope to pursue in the future.

Ollie Attempting to buy a pack of Marlboro Lights

It was funny to commonly see cigarette vending machines in Austria. They are pretty much banned in the USA due to age restrictions, only being found in some bars or casinos. The Austrians like most Europeans, smoke more than Americans. The machine above was in the hotel lobby. By the way, the Marlboro Lights are 4.80 Euros which is about $6.50 a pack.

We also took the boys for a haircut. Ollie looks like such a little boy. He was sad yesterday when he dropped his skiing medal down the elevator shaft while exiting. He carried around the medal for two days.

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