Family Journal: Surprise Snow in Belgrade


Yesterday morning we awoke to a winter wonderland. We had a wet snow overnight. Everyone is looking forward to spring and the recent warm weather had me watching my tulips. Instead, winter gave us one last show. I am a morning person and as you can see by the video above, am the only one who was happy. Our car came back from the shop yesterday afternoon so we had one last walk to snow.

That is one of the nice things about working at an international school. The school maintenance department took care of all of the car repair. They found a good mechanic, ordered a tow truck, explained everything, and picked it up. I could concentrate on my work and family, and magically on Friday afternoon, Eidelweiss (we named our car after the sticker on the front hood), was as good as new.

The snow was melting a bit in the afternoon and I think it will be gone by Monday. We cancelled our hike Sunday, so I’ll have a day around the house. It is the big Davis Cup weekend, with Serbia playing the USA. Nadia and I are going to the doubles match today with free tickets from friends. I’ll have a full report.

Unhappy Faces Walking to School

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