Bike Ride in Park of Friendship

Ollie Attempts to Throw His Popsicle Stick in the Danube

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and so we took advantage of this and went for a bike ride in the Park of Friendship in New Belgrade. This is the park that world leaders used to plant a tree when they came and visited Tito during the Communist years. It is also the park that Milosevic used to hold mass rallies during the turbulent times of his presidency. More recently, Madonna held a concert last August there for over 40,000 people. There is a nice bike trail that runs along the Danube River. There were lots of people walking along the river as well as sitting in the cafes located on barges in the river. You can see a couple of the “splavs” behind Owen in the photo below.

We stopped for an ice cream before turning around and heading back to the car.

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