Pig Roast

Goran With His Masterpiece

Yesterday it was a rainy day, and despite the wet weather, we still ended up having a great day. The highlight for me was going to a pig roast at the school hosted by our good friend, Goran. He is shown above with a fresh, Obrenovac-raised pig. I joked that it was a “prase” which means piglet in Serbian. That was my word for the day, svinja that means an adult pig and pork. The meat in the store would be referred to as svinjetina.

The Serbs are masters of preparing pork. For many centuries, they specialized in raising pigs and selling them to the Austro-Hungarians. The Royal Family of the Serbia, the Karadjordje dynasty started as pig dealers. I think they should have a pig sty in the White Palace grounds as homage to their past.

Goran served the svijetina with kupus (coleslaw), bread, and condiments of light green peppers or green onions. Delicious! A big thank you to Goran for letting us share in the feast.

Joseph holds Ocean After the Party

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