Holiday Ends

We are heading back to work today after a restful holiday. We stayed in Belgrade and just enjoyed time with the kids and doing things around the house. It is always great to reconnect with the kids and Nadia and I as a couple. School gets hectic for all of us and it is just nice to have the luxury of free time with each other.

Family Poses on King Petar's Grounds in Topola, Serbia

We did manage to make a couple of day trips into the Sumadija region of central Serbia. “Shoomadeeaaa” is located just south of Belgrade and it is a region of farms, rolling hills, pastures, orchards, and forests. It is the traditional heartland of Serbia at the time of Ottoman occupation. We visited a winery and toured the grounds of King Petar I, who was the King of “Yugoslavia” in the early 1900’s. He had a house near the village of Topola. It was a beautiful sunset and with perfect lighting and trees, we took some photos of the family.

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