Who wants a Frikam ice cream?

That is a line that never gets old.

For those non-native English speakers, it sounds like “frickin'” which is a non-vulgar way of saying a vulgar word. Frikom, is pronounced in Serbian, “freekohm” but we say it a bit differently when we ask the kids, “Who wants a Frikam ice cream?” and they all shout, “me!!!!” Hilarious.

Owen is shown above holding the sign of all the different kinds of ice cream bars the company produces. They are from Croatia and besides ice cream, they also produce frozen berries which we eat all winter. Delicious. There colorful tents are seen in many places in Belgrade. There are lots of ice cream/refreshments/cigarette/newspaper stands on the sidewalks of busy intersections. The one below is next to a Maxi supermarket in Senjak. Owen and Ollie’s favorite is the Classic King. I bought the Frikom version of the “orange sherbet push-ups” for the kids over the weekend. They are not quite the soft ice cream I remember eating as a child, but they are a pretty good orange/pineapple mix.

The Pushup of My Childhood

Frikom is also getting into the World Cup spirit. They produced a set of cards and a special “soccer” ice cream bar. The advertisement below features Nikola Žigić, the big 6 foot 8 inches striker on the Serbian national team. He regularly plays for Valencia in the Spanish league. He is Ollie’s favorite player because he is so tall.

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