Kralovec Family Hikes Around Black Lake

Jezero Crno - Black Lake

This past weekend we took advantage of Monday’s Labor Day holiday and visited Serbia’s neighbor, Montenegro. We went for my assistant’s wedding. On the first night, we stayed near the Durmitor National Park. This is a mountainous area in the far north of the country. The scenery reminded me of my time in the Rockies. It was a nice day so we decided to hike around Black Lake (jezero crno) which was about 1 kilometer from the town of Zabljak. The lake was full of frogs and there were several trout fishermen. The kids enjoyed catching the frogs and exploring the nearby forests and streams. There were many small waterfalls with spring run-off and it was a challenge to get the family through the streams around the lake.


Owen Catches His First Frog

The area was used in World War II by Tito’s Partisan’s to evade and attack the Nazis and Italians. There were several monuments to the places of significance in the Resistance. The park is a long, 6 hour drive from Belgrade, but I thought well worth the views and fresh mountain air.

The land near the Tara River that encompasses southern Serbia, eastern Bosnia, and northern Montenegro is my favorite place so far in the Balkans. Our visit here as well as last fall’s trip to Mokra Gora, has whetted my appetite to explore the region more. You can visit my flickr photo site to see more of the photos of the trip.

Ocean Enjoyed the Sneg One Last Time This Year

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