My Big Fat Montenegrin Wedding

We really enjoyed the wedding we attended last weekend. Balkan cultures have similar traits and the party reminded us of the 2002 film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Bojana’s family really treated us well and we ate and drank to the point of bursting. It was a great atmosphere and the Montenegrins really know how to have a good time. There were shots of rakija as toasts and lots of dancing. The party carried on well into the night.

We were made to feel as part of the family and it was an honor to be treated so well. Nadia enjoyed the pork and the lamb melted in my mouth. It really was different from a North American or Australian wedding. We are very subdued compared to the Balkan cultures. It is more Latino than American. We want to thank Bojan and Bojana for their hospitality – it was an experience we’ll never forget.

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