World Cup Fever

Owen, Ollie and I are playing our version of the World Cup in the back yard. We make a 32-team knockout version of the World Cup, similar to the college basketball championships. Each night we play a game. In photo, Owen holds the Algerian flag, who played the opening game against the USA. Ollie is holding the brackets. It is usually Oliver and I against Owen. Ollie getting quite good!

We are also collecting the Panini World Cup stickers, although with over 600 stickers to complete the album and the only option to buy packs of 4 at a time, I don’t think we’ll complete it. The boys are learning about the world and soccer and we are having a good time.


4 thoughts on “World Cup Fever

  1. 3xl

    Hey Bill don’t worry… You’ll be able to complete album. As I know there are meetings every Saturdays and Sundays near Terazijska Cesma (Hotel Moskva) where people that colects sticker meet to exchange duplicates. So you can take your sons there – it’s great fun.

    This is article from Blic about this meetings, but it’s on serbian so you can use google translator

    Aslo here is the video: (don’t watch this with your kids – the guy from the clip is like some kind of vampire 🙂 )

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