My Serbian Man Purse

Yes, I’ve joined them! Probably over half the men here in Serbia walk around with a “man purse” and when my secretary bought me one, I was skeptical. I first noticed this a few weeks ago at the Usce mall. In the mall, about 2/3 of men had them. I started to look around and saw that most clothing stores had a version of the man purse. After using it a couple of times, I found them very handy to carry my wallet, camera, keys, etc. I love it. Especially as a father, it seemed that my pockets were always full with toys, diapers, etc.

This particular brand is Diadora, the Italian Nike. I am comfortable with this one, it is not leather so I can beat it, and it is a sporting company so it is a bit more masculine. That is if you can call a man purse masculine. There is a wide range of sizes, from just enough to put in a passport and wallet, to expensive leather purses that really are the size of a woman’s purse, and may actually be, a woman’s purse.

My wife and I are afraid that I will forget it somewhere. Partly because I am not used to walking around with a purse. I’m sure this recent development of  carrying a man purse will develop for me. I don’t think it will become a lifelong habit. At least I hope not. For now, I am enjoying the fact that my pockets are empty and I’m comfortable.

I figured an expat would have noticed this before me and when I typed in “Balkan Man Purse” sure enough, a post was done a couple of years ago on the B92 blog by Nicholas Cromie. A very funny post.

6 thoughts on “My Serbian Man Purse

  • Homo… (somebody had to write it) Totally agree on the practicality aspect. It’s so different over here where you have to carry a booklet of car documents on your person, along with drivers’ license, local visa card / passport, intl. drivers license booklet (just in case the police who’ve pulled you over without cause feel the need to shake you down for 20 – because they can), cash (because credit cards are still frowned upon in the Balkans), pocket knife, keys as mentioned, and the camera. I still refuse to do the man-purse thing and load up the pockets of a wind breaker or use a small laptop sleeve with a shoulder strap. This way I can still pretend to be cool looking to carry a laptop even though it functions as a man purse. 😉

  • You are definitely becoming “Metrosexual” over there in Europe. I sure hope your brother doesn’t see this!!!!! He will have a heart attack. I know for a fact that you will lose your “man purse” this summer!!!!!!

  • That´s brave! I have tried to implement the idea to my “hubby”, but without any major success! And I doubt there ever will be! I hate carry his things in my purse!!! I envy Nadia…;-) Have a good day!

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