Summer Holidays Begin


Owen , originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Owen is shown above in Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. We had a long flight as we left our house in Serbia at 7:30 AM and finally arrived in Iron Mountain Michigan’s Ford Airport at 9:00 PM. With the time changes, it would be 4:00 AM Serbia time so that is around 21 hours of travel. It ended with me driving the last hour to my village, Caspian.

The kids were well behaved on the flight and everything went smoothly. We were all jet lagged yesterday and are recovering slowly.

The kids spent a lot of time coloring and drawing to pass the hours. Nadia and I are impressed with Ocean’s ability. For a 2 year old, to draw a human figure with that amount of detail, it amazing.

It is nice to see my brothers, my father, and old friends here in Caspian. We are looking forward to the arrival of Nadia’s family.

2 thoughts on “Summer Holidays Begin

  • Hello,
    I read your blog regularly and enjoy your accounts of real life in another country, another culture. I think I started after reading The Bridge over the Drina.

    Iron Mountain is in the Upper Peninsula? I lived for a time in Ann Arbor and did make it to Copper Harbor once. Please give us a word in your blog sometime on how you made the trip (connection) from Michigan to Servia.


    • Iron Mountain is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I am a proud “Yooper.” I work in international schools and my latest post is Serbia.

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