Buried Treasure?

The three men in Ocean’s bedroom are not looking for a buried treasure. This week we are doing repairs on the main pipe leading away from our bathroom. The approximately 80 year old pipe broke this weekend. The result was a flooded bathroom. The pipe broke about 3 meters away from the toilet, which actually was underneath the floor in Ocean’s bedroom. As you can see below, they dug underneath the bathroom first.

Our Bathroom

We are sitting around now awaiting for the workers to finish. I don’t think too many people have basements here in Serbia to they actually have to rip up the floor to get to the pipes. In the US, there is a space between floors for pipes that is accessible.

The school was really nice in finding us alternative accomodations. We are staying at the “M” Hotel, which is the Best Western lacated in the suburb of Banjica.

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