IKEA – Family Trip to Budapest, Hungary

We are in Budapest, Hungary this weekend to run in Sunday’s Half Marathon. We will be running through the UNESCO World Heritage city and are looking forward to the beautiful sites and flat course. More on the race tomorrow. We drove up on Friday evening after school and the trip took us around 4 hours. We have diplomatic lisence plates on Eidelweiss which greatly reduced the time stopped at the border. It is always strange for Americans to drive to another country. 

We are renting a nice apartment called 7Seasons, I highly recommend it as it is a good price, centrally located, and very comfortable. We can cook meals in the apartment which is great for the kids. We spent most of Saturday shopping as this is “Nadia’s weekend.” The highlight was Ikea, the Swedish superstore. It was not too painful, only $332 worth of housewares. We make an annual trip here to help out our apartment in Belgrade. 

We are both very excited for today’s run. The weather will be sunny and in the 70’s, perfect running weather. Last night it was cold and raining, so we are happy for the blue skies this morning.

One thought on “IKEA – Family Trip to Budapest, Hungary

  • Dear all,
    our family shopping in IKEA Budapest store finished very sad on last Friday. Our car in garage was invaded and robbed (navigation device etc) and no one did not wish to help us. The policeman we found in the garage checked the car and confirmed this event, but after phone consultation with somebody, he gave to us just advise – go to to the police station somewhere n the city (how to find it ?). The official (lady) at the IKEA information desk said she can’t do enything too….

    We are dissapointed and angry. Please for your comment and advice what to do in such case … Is it necessarily to warn the visitors of IKEA store (espacially from foreign countries) on this circumstances ?

    Predrag Sibalic, Osijek, Croatia

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