Belgrade Book Fair


Ocean & Tata, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We went to the annual Belgrade Book Fair this afternoon. We love books and reading, and it would have been great to listen to some of the discussions and lectures, but unfortunately, there was way too many people. Too many to the point where we were in fear of losing our children. It says a lot about Belgrade however – it is an intellectual and cultural city besides it reputation for its night life.

We did find a lot of good books for the kids at the Oxford Book Store. They were very reasonably priced, which is rare for anywhere outside the US. I was looking for one of Ian McDonald’s books. The Scottish Science Fiction Writer is in Belgrade this week promoting his Serbian language version of his latest, The Dervish House, which is set in Istanbul. I have never read anything by him. I couldn’t find the English version, so I’ll just get it on my Kindle, although the price for the electronic version is only 3 dollars less than the hardcopy. Note to self for future fairs, go during the week or early in the morning.

We had our first frost this morning (October 30) and it is time to get out the winter clothes. The peak colors for fall were last weekend, as they are dropping rapidly. Welcome November!

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