School Pictures: 2010-2011

Oliver - Kindergarten Photo

Yesterday we received the boys’ school photos. This ia a tradition that I really like. We see the kids everyday and often do not notice how much they have grown up. Oliver above, looks adorable! He is a such a cute, mischievious little guy, it is impossible to stay angry with him. Oliver has a heart of gold underneath is rambunctious exterior.

Owen's Grade 2 Picture

I carried Owen last night from our bed to his because he fell asleep next to mom. I really noticed how big he is getting and looking at the photo above compared to last year’s photo, he is now a young man.

Both guys are growing up way too fast. We just have to enjoy the limited amount of time we will have with them. I mean limited in the sense that they go on to university and start lives of their own. I guess I am more in tune with that stage of life with my job as a high school principal.

I made mosiacs of the boys’ school photos from previous years. My mother used to put the school photos of me and my two brothers each year on the wall going up the stairs to the second floor of our house. I guess below is the electronic version of this practice.



We do not have any photos of Ocean yet, as she is not going to school. She just turned three in September.

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