Indian Summer (Miholjsko Leto)


I still have lettuce and peppers growing in my garden. This is very unusual for November in Belgrade. The weather this month has been fabulous, with high temperatures in the low 70’s / high 60’s and lows in the evening in the mid 40’s / 50’s. We’ve taken advantage of the glorious autumn days and spent much more time outside. Belgrade is 44 degrees north latitude and has a climate similar to Washington DC, but this November, it has been warmer than normal. The normal average high is 50 and the low is 9.

I was also proud that I planted this lettuce in August and I am harvesting it in November. We’ve only had one slight frost and it survived. This is the first time sowing seed and eating the product for me. I hope to do some more gardening this spring.

Owen is also shown above adding to our compost pile. The school is doing compost piles on all three campuses this year and he brought in a bag to add to the school compost. We decided to do one here also. The Kralovecs are getting more green. I heard they now have a recycling program in Senjak. We’ll check that out.

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