Happy Birthday Owen!

Owen Blows Out the Candles, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Owen turned 8 years old yesterday, We had a small party with just the family last night and we went to Pizza Hut downtown to eat in honor of Owen. He is growing up so fast. I can’t believe it has been eight years since his birth. The time is just flying by! Both Nadia and I are so proud of the little guy. He is such a good boy. I love his curiosity, intelligence, positive outlook, and good heart. (thanks dad! – Owen wrote that and he is reading this just after I wrote it. Owen took over the blog post below. This turned out to be a historic blog post with Owen joint posting with me.)

I had a lot of food at my party!
EVERY ONE LIKED MY CAKE I BROUGHT TO SCHOOL! Thanks to my mom Nadia my party would have not happened at school

Owen Going to Soccer Practice On Sunday

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