Camping Bahraini Style

The kids had a great time camping last night Bahraini style. Driving around the Bahraini desert a couple of days ago, I saw these makeshift compounds in the oil fields circling the Mountain of Smoke. It turns out that Bahrain has an official camping season from November to March to coincide with the fresh winter weather. Their idea of camping is to set up a fence with mesh or palm leaves and set up tents and common areas inside. We were invited by a friend of Marita’s last night to her camp for a BBQ. They had a really nice set up for a social gathering. There was a fire pit, tents with carpeting and couches, a fire pit, soccer pitch, bouncy castle, etc. Marita’s friend rents out her camp site for a variety of groups.The evening was catered and we enjoyed a BBQ with shawarmas. My highlight was walking above the camp to a hill with a view of the sunset.

I think this tradition of camping comes from the time the Arabs were a nomadic people in the desert. If I lived in Bahrain, I would definitely set up a camp. I would choose a site near the beach, however.


5 thoughts on “Camping Bahraini Style

    • No it is not humid. We camped during the official camping season in December / January when the temperatures we very pleasant. It was nice, but there is not a lot to look at. It is a flat, barren island.

  • Hi Bill,

    I will be going to Bahrain for New Year’s (for about a week) and in doing some research for that just came across your blog which is great to read 🙂
    The camping sounds very interesting and I was wondering if you might have some advice for organizing a one or two day camping trip. Do you know of any renting options?

    Thanks a lot and great travelling to you!

    • Sandra, We organized the trip through local friends and we just joined them. There were tourists camping as well. I would check with a tourist agency in Manama. The best time to go is during the winter. Good luck and enjoy the desert. Bill

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