Family Journal: Trip to Slovenija

Nadia finally came home on Tuesday afternoon. We were all very happy to see her!!! I had a busy but wonderful time watching the three kids by myself for 5 entire days. We really reconnected after 5 weeks of school. We had plans to go to Mokra Gora, a small village in eastern Serbia, but we found out there is no snow there and the ski hill is closed due a competition. We decided to go to Bled, Slovenia, a small, picturesque village in the Julian Alps instead. We left at 8:00 PM on Tuesday and arrived 6 hours later in Slovenia.

I forgot to bring the cord for my camera so I’ll have to upload the photos when I get back to Belgrade. It is snowing as I write this and we are ready to go to breakfast and head up to the ski hill. Yesterday we unpacked and went swimming in the Ziva Wellness Center. I have to go now, but I’ll be blogging more later about Slovenija (Slovenia in English). It is a former part of Yugoslavia and we were last here in January of 2009.



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