Kralovecs Visit Trieste, Italy

Nadia with the Kids on the Seaside

After leaving Slovenija, we stopped for the night in Trieste, Italy. It was our first time to Italy and we wanted to see a bit of the Adriatic before heading back to Belgrade. We had a really nice time at the Hotel Riviera Maximillian.  The city itself was nice, although we spent most of the time near our hotel which was outside of town. The Hotel is a good spot. There is a beautiful walk along the coast from the hotel to several restaurants and Maximillian’s Villa.  One downside is Italy is expensive compared to Belgrade and Slovenija.

The Italians were a bit offended when I spoke Spanish to them. I thought they would appreciate the fellow Romantic language, but they all insisted on English. Nadia heard that they do not want to be compared with the Spanish and look down upon them. It was interesting to learn about the city’s history around World War II. At the end of the war, the city and surrounding area was made a “free state” and US troops came in a occupied the city while it was decided who would get it.  Yugoslavia got the southern part of the free state and Italy received the city and its environs. The US troops after World War II, were stationed in his villa near our hotel for almost 10 years.

Trieste for a long time was the main port for the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and the Hapsburg Maximillian spent much time designing the villa located near our hotel. Max left Trieste to claim the throne of Mexico. The Hapsburgs were trying to spread their monarchy (mafia) to the New World. Max was eventually captured by the Republican forces and executed.

Today the city is still a crossroads of Slavic (Slovenians), German (Austrians), and the majority Italians. I wouldn’t go back because there are better places to see in Italy, but it was so close and a new country, we decided to visit. We didn’t see the plaza downtown and some of the historic buildings.

Below is a picture of our hotel that I took from Max’s Villa. You can see the concrete pillar which is the elevator of the hotel leading down to their beach.

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