The First Coach “K” Scholarship Awarded

Above is the photo from the Iron County Reporter the newspaper from my hometown in Michigan. Friends and family of my mother, Yvonne Kralovec, established a scholarship in her name. The award is presented to a West Iron County female athlete each year to be used for university study. Desi, the first award winner, will be playing volleyball in university. It is great to see my Mom’s close friends, Marsha, Bernadette, and Sharon, awarding the scholarship. They worked hard to raise funds for the scholarship and they serve on the selection committee. Thanks to them and everyone who helped out.

I am very happy to see the girls of West Iron still benefiting from my mother. She devoted her life to sports and youth and her 42 years of basketball coaching in West Iron County was quite an accomplishment. Although she is gone, her legacy lives on through the players she coached. Both Bernadette and Sharon are former players of my mother.

That is one of the reasons that I am coaching basketball today. I went to many of her practices while growing up. I thought of this Thursday night, when I brought Oliver and Owen to my team’s practice. When we were leaving the warm gym, heading back to the car, it brought me back 30 some years, to when I was running from the old West Iron Middle School Gym (the former Stambaugh High School) to our Matador.

I don’t think I’ll be going for 42 years, but I hope to make a difference like my mother.

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