Parent-Teacher Conferences


Yesterday I spent the morning with Owen and Oliver at their Parent-Teacher Conference. They were student-led conferences. Oliver read Nadia and I a book and then answered questions about the book. He then rolled dice and added the numbers. He wrapped it up with doing a senses activity by describing odors and tastes.Oliver learned to read this year.

Owen shared his current book, “George’s Marvelous Medicine” by Roald Dahl. He showed us his learning journal. We spent a lot of time doing math games. Owen surprised me with how quick he added and subtracted large numbers. Owen and I then had a conference with his teacher, Ms. Sheila (background).

I was so proud of both the little guys. Owen is a model student with a positive personality, excellent skills, and a balanced interests. He wants to please others and is very concientious. He is a natural leader in the classroom. Oliver has a stronger personality and is more of a people person. He is always looking for a laugh and puts his interests first. Like Owen, he is an excellent student and he constantly surprises me with his depth of understanding and insight into things.

We are proud of both little guys!!

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