The Bridges of Novi Sad


I took this photo of a part the infamous Liberty Bridge in Novi Sad (the second city of Serbia)  last month where I ran in their annual Half Marathon Run. The bridge was damaged in the 1999 NATO Bombing of Serbia. The big pictures (close up below) show what the bridge looked like after the bombing. On the left of the pictures, the graffiti says in Serbian Cyrillic, “Serbia Waits for Šešelj.” This is written most likely by the right-wing Serbian ultra nationalist party.  Vojislav Šešelj is the former Serbian Vice-President and University of Michigan professor who is on trial at the Hague for war crimes during the wars of Yugoslavian Secession in the 90’s. He is infamous for leading a paramilitary unit in Bosnia and Croatia that committed many atrocities. I am not sure how much of a role he had in these actions – he seems to be more of an intellectual type than a soldier.

The NATO bombing campaign from April 1 to April 26th took out the three bridges of Novi Sad. The city with the help of the EU rebuilt two of them. One can still see the pillars of the third bridge.

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