Family Journal: Spring Break 2011

We are enjoying 12 days of holidays in Belgrade for Spring Break. For the first time in a long time, the Catholic Easter and the Orthodox Easter are on the same day. I love just being with my family and the weather has been so nice, so far.

We are not a religious family, but we did pay homage to Easter by visiting St. Sava’s Cathedral. We lit candles in honor of loved ones. After hearing of our Easter lunch at McDonald’s, our friends invited us over to their home the next day for a traditional Romanian Easter lunch of lamb with prune sauce. Oliver was a bit sick on Easter so we took him to Bel Medic. The little guy rarely gets ill, and as you can see below, he wasn’t feeling up to his usual self. The antibiotics prescribed did their job and the next day we was back to normal.

Ocean also photographed us in the back yard playing basketball. We have such a nice garden and neighborhood! We play basketball, soccer, and skateboard/bike ride several times per day. Owen is shown below driving to the basket. We are playing out the entire NBA playoffs with games up to 20-40 points, depending on the time. I have little practices for them before each game to teach a fundamental. Lots of fun.

 Just for the record, I am predicting a Miami Heat – LA Lakers final in the real NBA Championship, with the Lakers prevailing in 7 games. We are done with the first round in ours and I’ll keep you updated.

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