Family Journal: July 23, 2011

Friday night we went out to dinner at Michaelangelo’s Restaurant here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We had dinner here 14 years ago! It was the site of our first date in September of 1997. The restaurant is pretty much the same and Nadia is as beautiful as she was that night 14 years ago. I am a very lucky guy! I love her as much as I did then. The food was average but I didn’t care, it was fun to relive our courtship.

We also had a nice visit from our good friend, Dr. Kim Winter. She was living in Bolivia when we were here in 1997-1999 and we had many good times together. Kim was completing her doctoral biologcial research in a small village in the Bolivian Amazaon and she would come to the city for some R&R. She was also here for the birth of Owen and we also stayed at her house in Washington when I was taking a course there in 2005. She is doing very well with a new marriage and job with US Department of Forestry. Her husband Ronald is from Cochabomba (far left) and lives in Washington DC area. There is a big population of Bolivians in the DC area.

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