Review of Chaplin Show

Saturday night Nadia and I went out with her father and aunt to the Chaplin Show here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The Chaplin Show is a live comedy theater. This weekend the “Chulupis del Caribe” (Cockroaches of the Caribbean) was playing. I was hoping for some smart, political and cultural satire, but what I got, was a show of inane, shallow, humor. The jokes were stale and vulgar. For example, “What makes a man happy? His four mistresses don’t meet each other.” The humor was definitely stupid, but the crowd was loving it. We left at the intermission. It was a fun night nonetheless, as we got to joke about how bad the comedy was. I would not recommend going to the Chaplin Show.

I had heard that some shows had a biting political satire. It would have been great to have a parody of the Morales government and the struggle of Bolivia to keep the Andean and Media Luna departments together. Instead, we got some old, tired, jokes about plastic surgery, infidelity, and sex. The show was named after their opening number. It was a video of end-of-the-world news coverage and the only survivors were the cockroaches. They did a couple of lame dance routines and then went to several skits. The skits were a nun and priest giving sex education class, a couple in a hotel room, etc. Dumb… The only good thing was it was great for my Spanish.

The Chaplin Show Theater

2 thoughts on “Review of Chaplin Show

  • Yesterday, I came across your blog about Mr. Severiano Chavez and I found it very interesting as an unvaluable piece of information for my son (6 year-old). My son is “Aunt Silvia’s” grandson, son of her only son, Tomas Arturo Antelo. Unfortunately, Arturo (how he is also known) and I got separated right before the birth of my son. Arturo now lives in Honduras, and my thoughts about him would be completely out of touch too be expressed here. However, I loved the piece of information for my son so that he gets to know more about his ancestry. Regardless of the poor or non-existent relationship with Arturo, I have never talked in a negative way about him to my son as I believe my son’s soul, feelings and piece of mind are far more important. Since I know very little about the other side of my son’s family, I really appreciated reading about it. My mom’s family is originally from Lithuania and I know how important it is to have a little pieces in the puzzle of life together. Thank you so much!

  • que puede saber un gringo del humor boliviano, ni siquiera se hubica con la relidad del pais menos con el humor, go home gringo

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