First Day of School


Another school year started Monday, our fourth in Belgrade. The boys were excited and I can’t believe how fast they are growing up. Owen is in third grade and Oliver is in first grade. Ocean starts next week at the International Nursery School of Belgrade.
Kosutnjak Pool

This week has been extremely hot, with temperatures even reaching 40C. We went to the pool on Tuesday and it was totally packed. I think that is what is so unusual about the public pool. In the US, public pools are not as popular as they are here as most people have their own pools in their homes. It is also nice to see a city of generally fit people comfortable with their bodies. Belgraders walk a lot and do not eat excessively and it sure show.

We also did an updated version of the “first day of school” photos my parents used to take of me and my brothers. We were always leaning up against the door frame next to the fridge in our kitchen. Owen and Oliver are shown below in the same kind of pose we did when we were kids.

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