A Perfect Sunday Bike Ride


Owen, Nadia, and Oliver are shown riding bikes in front of the ex-Yugoslav Executive Council Building in New Belgrade. Last Sunday we went for a long family bike ride on the trails of the city. It was a fantastic day and we really enjoyed as a family, exercising and exploring the city together.

The highlight for the kids was to take the ferry across the Sava River. From the back side of Ada Ciganlija Island, there are three ferries that shuttle people between the island and the mainland in New Belgrade. New Belgrade was a Communist planned city built after World War II by the victorious Partizans. You can see one of first buildings constructed over there, the Executive Council of Yugoslavia. It housed the Presidential Offices for the Republics that made up the Federation.

There are kilometers of trails near river as well as in New Belgrade. We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and the kids got a kick out of “biking to McDonald’s. We will definitely do this more often. It was an extremely hot day, but I personally loved it. With autumn coming, we might not have many more hot, summer days.

Ready to Take the Ferry Across the Sava

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