Weekend Journal


Ollie and Owen, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We had a nice two days as a family. It was busy with birthday parties and we took the kids to three of them in the two-day span. The last was a disco party at the Continental Hotel that Owen and Oliver really enjoyed.

Above is a video of Owen and Ollie playing catch in front of the Kalamegdan Fort. We were killing time before picking up Ocean and Mom from a party. It was the first cool weather we’ve experienced this fall and the grey skies and coldish breeze felt invigorating.

Below is a photo of some apartment blocks (Blok 23) in New Belgrade. New Belgrade is the result of a planned city by Tito’s Communisty Party. It creates a fascinating and unique landscape and vibe. I found an excellent scholarly work on New Belgrade by an English professor. I am definitely going to blog more about part of Belgrade on the other side of the Sava River.

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