Family Trip to the Istria Peninsula

The family is pictured above on our street in Rovinj, Croatia. We stayed in the old city in the ancient city of Rovinj, on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It is about a 6 hour drive from Belgrade. The Croatian coast is magnificent and reminds me of my graduate study in Mallorca, Spain. The European Mediterranean has a special feel with the architecture, light, sea, and culture. It is such a relaxing holiday destination.

The kids loved the concept of the walled city. The apartment we rented was once part of the fortifications and our back yard was the Adriatic. We were throwing pieces of bread to the seagulls right out of our window. There is something to be said about walking to the market from the apartment, buying fresh bread and cheese, while a Hemmingway-esque fisherman is having a glass of wine and cigarette at 8:00 AM next to you.

Nadia loved the shopping in the little shops and everywhere you turned, there were postcard views and quaint little corners and streets. Magnificent!!!!!

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