Christmas Tree Hunting in Serbia


Ocean is pointing out the perfect Kralovec family Christmas tree at the Zuče Tree Farm. We traveled out to the plantation located near Avala Mountain, about 10 miles outside of Belgrade. The weather is unseasonably warm, with temperatures in the teens (50-60 F) and it felt more like spring than winter.

There were many trees to choose from and we picked a North American Blue Spruce. We took the option of having the tree dug up and potted so we can re-plant it after Christmas. It is a nice way of doing things and our Christmas Tree from a couple of years ago is growing in the garden of our old apartment. I hope to plant this tree somewhere in Dedinje.

After getting the tree, we drove once again to Timisoara, Romania for some Christmas shopping. We had fun with Brian, Anna, and their children, Miles and Posey.


It was sad to see the “plastic bag forest” below. As we were driving out of the Serbian border town of Vršac, near the city landfill, it this area of bags caught by bushes. Serbia has a long way to go with air, water, and land pollution, as do many Eastern Europe nations. I’m not sure why this plastic bag area is like this, and it puts a bad image to a rather lovely little town.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Hunting in Serbia

  • Hi, my name is Kalina and I live in the US. I came across your blog as I was doing some research about adopting independently from Serbia. I have not been able to find much. The few things I have found have been dated back a couple years ago. Since you are currently living there, do you know if they still allow independent adoptions? Any info that you might have would be so appreciated.
    A little but about myself….you can visit my blog at
    I am a registered nurse (Labor & Delivery), my husband is an architectural project manager, and we currently are trying to sell our home to do mission work full time. We have been traveling to Costa Rica about every 3-4 months. We have 2 bio children and 2 adopted childre. Thanks so much for taking time to read this and blessings to your family. All of your photos are beautiful.

    • Kalina,

      I have not heard much about international adoptions here. I know that conditions for orphans is decent here, not like you may have heard about in other Eastern European countries. There is a lot of red tape with anything you do here with the government so I would guess that it is quite a long process.



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