Backyard Football

We continue to play North American football in the back yard with the kids. I wish I had video of my playing when I was a kid. We played all the time in the Caspian School Field next to my house. Great times following the NFL and NCAA in the 1970s and playing with the kids in the neighborhood.

I took video of the games and you can follow the game by clicking on the links below.We are playing a mock NFL tourney. We have everyone’s favorite teams. Oliver likes the Pittsburgh Steelers, Owen likes the Green Bay Packers, Diego likes the Patriots and Dolphins, and I asked for the Lions to be included in the tourney.The first game is the Baltimore Ravens against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There is North American football in Belgrade. The Central European Football League has five teams including the Belgrade Vukovi (Wolves). They play their games from April to June down at Ada Ciganlija.

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