New Belgrade Skate Park


Owen Skateboard, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

My children love going to the New Belgrade Skate Park, located very close to the Ušče Mall and Friendship Park. I don’t have much experience with skate parks but I am impressed with the facilities. The park has a “half-pipe” and a wide variety of ramps of different heights, angles, and curves. Owen is getting pretty good as you can see in the video above. Oliver rides his bike around the park and all three love playing in the half pipe.

It is great that the municipality of New Belgrade built the facilities. They are quite well used as there are always a few kids skating or bmx biking about the park.

2 thoughts on “New Belgrade Skate Park

  • Hi, I am trying to locate my second cousin, George Kralovec, Jr who was originally from Riverside,Illinois. I received a card from him at Christmas saying his wife, Sandy ,had died. I hope in your earlier note the George I am looking for was not your father and that he also recently died. George was from the D.C area. Any relation.Marcia Holliman (Pelton)


    • Marcia, George is not my father. My father was Charles James Kralovec, from Menominee, Michigan. I don’t think George or the Kralovecs from Illinois are related to us. Good luck with the search. If you look at my geneology category of blog posts, I did do several about the Kralovec side of the family and you may get some helpful information. Bill

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