Winter Weather Hits Belgrade


Winter has finally come to the city and it is a snowy wonderland. We had another 3 inches last night. In the past week it has probably snowed at least 1 and 1/2 feet. Temperatures are well below zero celcius (right now 14F). The city is struggling with keeping the streets clear and lending help to the villages and towns in southern Serbia hit even worse by the snow. The government has declared a “State of Emergency” and the local schools are closed this week.

Being from Northern Michigan, USA, I am used to lots of snow so it brings me back to my childhood. I am happy my children can experience the snow! Above is a photo of our apartment and below is a photo of our balcony. It is piling up even more this morning!

Saturday we went out tobogganing to Košutnjak Park and we are looking forward to skiing next week.

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