April U Beogradu (Belgrade In April)

I just can’t help myself with this post. (I’ll work on the code to embed the video.)The song above is from the “John Travolta” of the Yugoslavian/Serbian world, Zdravko Čolić, and the song is about the beautiful weather in the month of April in Belgrade and renewal of one’s soul and a bit of lost love thrown in for good measure. I can see why he wrote this song – the spring month of April in Belgrade is absolutely the best weather in the world. It is not too hot, sunny skies, and blossoms everywhere. I felt guilty today telling students to go back to class near the end of the lunch recess. I just wanted to be outside all day today. I also love it because growing up in Michigan, April was always a killer month. We would have a week of sunny skies and warm temps, and then there would be some final few snow storms. Not like that in Belgrade, and after several months of relatively cold weather, it really is rejuvenating to have the warm (but not hot) temperatures come back. I am not lamenting old loves or rendezvous under the Sava Bridge like Zdravko, but I am humming the tune as a bike to work with the fragrant Apple blossoms waif through the air…

Blue Skies and Apple Blossoms in Dedinje
My daughter Ocean's favorite flower, the Magnolia. A common tree in Belgrade.

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